Summers are already here and lets just call it a day for Heavy, Tiring , Sickening, extra-Sweaty Gold/Silver jewellery , until Winters return. But the passing season also leaves a million dollar question for women – What to wear if not heavy jewellery ? But as they say,  Tangled Store is to the rescue with its gorgeous collection of sizzling German Silver Artificial Jewellery .

German Silver Artificial Jewellery is actually an imitation of Traditional Indian Silver Jewellery designs originating more than 500 years ago. Though the name suggests use of silver, but actually these beautiful modern replicas of their traditional counter-parts are made of more durable and reliable Bronze, Brass and copper material.

Though , traditionally these designs were used specifically in Rajasthani Hand-Crafted Jewellery. In the modern times and especially in the recent while, these German Silver Artificial Jewellery have showcased a stunning blend of traditional Rajasthani handy-craft and admirable ancient craftsmanship of North India. German Silver Artificial Jewellery are also made up of brass and silk. Stunning crystal cubic zirconia stones are studded at the rims of these traditional Indian jewels give them a splendid look .

German Silver Artificial Jewellery comes in a wide collection starting from Bohemian Beads Choker Necklace With Earrings, Red Velvet Beads And Pearl Oxidised Earrings, and Traditional German Silver Oxidised Earrings to name a few. As the German Silver Artificial Jewellery are an imitation of Traditional Indian Rajasthani Culture, these earrings can be wore with authentic Indian attire at Weddings, College Ethnic Days and other Traditional Events. So these earrings best suit Ghagra-Choli, Sarees and kanchli.

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