The artists say an Indian Woman looks the most beautiful when the glittering rays of sun fall on their serene face, illuminating the most secretive features of her face. The lunaphytes believe that the audacity of the dark night sky to hide the face of a woman, thus igniting the temptation to reveal the most precious thing in the entire universe, makes a Woman’s face a fortunate delight.

We at Tangled Store, believe that an Indian woman’s face looks most alluring, the most admirable precious thing in this whole universe, under the dark night sky of Lohri kindled with joys of a bonfire.

When the fire flares and the golden sparkles of joy fall on the serene-face of a woman, resurrecting the surreal imaginations of an artist , and when the dark night sky shows the audacity to cover the same serene face kindled by the bonfire, to protect its beauty from the worldly view, as fantasized by the lunaphytes, the face of a Woman is the only holy grail to sought after.

“In the joy of fire, under alluring moon light ;
the beauty prevails , and the evil subsides”.

When the zeal of spending a night under the sky with family,love ,Tradition, fun and frolic excites all of us especially Women, Jewellery is the least yet most prominent attribute that needs to be perfect . At Tangled Store ,the onus is on us to design the most stunning jewellery exclusively for such occasions. We realize the notion of beauty to be carved upon on such nights and try to produce those products that become a Souvenir, to remember those exquisite moments, and to remember that when trusted upon with the most precious things, Tangled Store stood-by proudly.

We at Tangled Store, Wish a Very Happy and Warm Lohri to Everyone. This Lohri , Stay Trendy ,Stay Sassy & Slay :

The Traditional Way.

So wait no more, and stop reading this blog at once .

Pick your phones, visit @TangledStore , and order from our latest collection of jewellery exclusively designed for Lohri .

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