A beautiful traditional Indian dress, or a Stunning western floral gown? Jutti in the feet, or knee-high Boots? An elegant side bun , or a glamorous French Braid? With so many perplexing questions and an uncountable number of Events arrives the Indian Wedding Season. But the walk through the Labyrinth of Indian Wedding Season actually becomes difficult for Women, when it comes to selecting the Jewellery that perfectly compliments their attire. Either the Jewellery they find perfect is not available or its too expensive.

At Tangled Store, the onus is on us to make sure that out of all the worldly bewilderments amid the fun and amusement of this wedding Season , selecting the perfect jewellery does not become a trouble. For this, the most optimum choice is Artificial jewellery.

Artificial Jewellery is an imitation of their real counter-parts but generally made of inexpensive material such as Brass or Nickle. Due to their amazing durability and metallic properties, these metals do not degrade or decay. Thus, these metals are intricately molded into tantalizing precious
Artificial Jewellery items which last very long. Be it Traditional Events or Cocktail Nights, Artificial Jewellery provides a wide range to select from and perfectly embellishes all the dresses.

Traditional Events

For events like Mehndi and Tilak that demand ethnic dress code, Artificial Jewellery provides a variety of items. Silk Thread Jhumkas, Silver nose rings, Rajasthani Belly chains and Tarakashi pendants are popular Traditional Indian ornaments exclusively designed for such events. These Artificial Jewellery items are usually made of brass metal doubly polished with gold and covered with radiating enamel. Synthetic stones, marcasite, zirconium stones and pearls make these jewellery items much more graceful and astonishing.

Parties and Glamour Nights

A fizzy Cocktail night or a Wedding Reception , when it comes to Western dresses , Artificial Jewellery provides a whole new collection, exclusively designed for such Occasions. Bohemian Black Bead Tassels, Statement Jewellery, Pearl Alloy Jewellery Sets and Crystal Necklaces not only compliment the Gowns, Sheath, Bandages and BodyCons but unveil the captivating Diva in you. American Diamonds, Bandish Beads, Artificial Pearls and Emeralds add icing to the cake.

On-the-run Jewellery

Weddings are not only about Occasions. Moving from the airport to the Hotel, Relaxing under the sun when you have an off-afternoon with no events, or a little in-pyjamas shopping break here and there. These breaks are stunning opportunities for Women to show their perplexing look with minimum time for touch-ups. Artificial Jewellery provides an adorable collection of on-the-run Jewellery for moments like these. Studs, Hoop Earrings, stone-studded nose-rings, Pendants and Plated Alloy neck-chains are in-expensive jewellery pieces with most amusing look. American Diamonds and Synthetic Stones are usually studded over these jewellery pieces.

So Girls, this Wedding Season, stop fretting about Jewellery. Dress up like the Queen you are , Dance like there’s no tomorrow & Slay the Indian Way . Cause this wedding season , when it comes to Artificial Jewellery, you know how to mix and match and dress and patch.

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