Rajasthani jhumka by Tangled Store is a collection of exquisite artificial jewelry made of  sterling-silver plated on Brass earrings created to be wore uniquely on Traditional days . Rajasthani jhumkas define a blend of authentic Rajasthani artisanship and seamless natural lustre of desired metal.

Famously referred to as Oxidised Jhumkas, each piece of silver metal is finely plated on Brass by hands and beautifully moulded on to the metal structure.

The Rajasthani Jhumkas date back to the Rajputana Culture of Rajasthan and  epitomize the royal significance of dawning jewellery , thus marking the true character of a women who is born to rule. Rajasthnai Jhumkas unleash a strong feeling of obstinate perverse for the Women who believes.

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