Be it festive get-togethers, Cocktail parties or sunshine parties, Statement Jewellery by Tangled Store represent resolute assertions, uniqueness and portray bold personality .
At Tangle Store, the Style Jewellery represents a collection of classic jewellery pieces studded with pearls and coloured stones. The Statement jewellery are valiant masterpieces and require little or no accompaniment .

Have a look at the stunning collection of Statement jewellery at Tangled Store :

Statement Necklaces:
Statement Necklaces at Tangled Store comprises of a wide range of ravishing Necklace pieces that are bold , representative and successfully reflect your radiant personality.

Statement Earrings:
For those with a sweet tooth for earrings, Statement Earrings are flamboyant and sparkling earrings symbolizing the aura of the one who dawns it.

Statement rings :
Here at Tangled Store, we design Statement Rings to suffice the need of either accomplishing other jewellery pieces or providing self sufficient solitary jewellery pieces that go with the personality of the porter.

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