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Since medieval times, women have been attracted to all kinds of shiny stones and metals. Out of which the stones from the diamond family have been loved most. Diamonds are formed deep beneath the earth surface under tremendous heat and pressure, and from there they are mined and later processed to give it a proper shape of the diamond stone. Due to the rarity, the cost involved in mining and later processing steps followed increases the market cost of these stones. Hence making with the cost of final jewellery to inflate up. In order to reduce the cost and make the jewellery more affordable, synthetic diamonds or American Diamonds were produced in the lab under high-pressure and temperature around 1955s. These resulted in a shiny and alluring piece of art completely synthesized in a lab, making the cost to be lowered by a high margin and hence starting the inception of American Diamond Jewellery.

We at Tangled Store have brought a few alluring and mesmerising American Diamond Earrings. The earrings have been delicately designed with the use of high-grade American Diamond Stones along with a high-quality golden lustrous polish. The look of these earrings is of premium quality making them stand right to gold jewellery. With the passage of time, a lot of style statement has changed. Girls and women are more allured toward American Diamond Jewellery. Here are some American Diamond Earrings by Tangled Store:

American Diamond

Rose Stone Peacock American Diamond Earrings

These are one of the most alluring American Diamond earrings in our collection. There are two Rose coloured stones used as its eye and tail. The AD stones are firmly fixed all over the Jhumka, giving it a lustrous look.

american diamond

Oval Heart American Diamond Earrings

These earrings pairs consist of an oval-shaped AD stone in the stud as well as in the middle, surrounded by other lustrous AD stones. These earrings are not only lightweight but will go with any of your outfit on the party nights.

American Diamond

Little Star American Diamond Earrings

The gold finish polish on these earrings is of top-notch quality, with AD stones firmly attached to these earrings. These earrings have an oval-shaped stone drop in the bottom, with a hollow bell in the middle.

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